Outdoor School Slide Show 2016

Daybreak 6th Gr Outdoor School

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Cispus Learning Center September 25-29

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“ODS promoted leadership qualities within myself by pushing

me into a position of HUGE responsibility. This experience really does force you to grow and mature as a person..”  

-BGHS student, Outdoor School Counselor

“The chores, I didn’t think I was going to like them,

but they turned out really fun.”  

-Madison DBM student

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Building Leaders 

Daybreak Middle School is committed to providing our students with a top tier education.  Our goal is to better serve our students and provide them with an education that will prepare them to live any kind of life they choose.   To accomplish this goal we must find innovative ways to combine technology integration with strong communication, problem solving and leadership skills. 

For decades, the Cispus Outdoor Learning Center near Randle, WA has provided students with opportunities to put classroom lessons into action. The 68-acre campus provides an outdoor learning environment and overnight camp facilities that engages students in leadership activities, team building activities, hands-on science instruction and character building. For generations of students, outdoor school is one of the most powerful learning experiences they have in school.

THANK YOUR FOR YOUR DONATIONS TO MAKE THIS OUTDOOR SCHOOL POSSIBLE.  We want to thank all Daybreak Families for their continued support of our school. You can also follow this effort and stay up-to-date on important news and events through the Daybreak Campus Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please contact Assistant Principal Justin Pierce or teacher Craig Pearson if you have any further questions.

The first 6th Grade Outdoor School experience was a huge success!  The students were having fun learning, the weather was fantastic, and the facilities were great!  We look forward to next year! 


Watch photo slide show above and view individual pictures below in the folder:

2016 ODS Pictures

Outdoor School Parent Meeting:

Outdoor School Parent Meeting

Learn more about Cipsus Outdoor Learning Center by watching the video below.